e-soft24 PTC Script

Start your own Paid to Click business with ease. All you need for it is our full featured php Paid to Click script, a domain name and PTC allowed hosting. Sites like, AngelBux and many more generate a lot of cash almost every day. But our script is not only a clone, it is the only script at the market which supports paid to click banner advertising. So you can start with a full unique Paid to Click web site. Easily setup your own user pay rates and referer pay rates, the rest of money is yours. Also setup your link and banner activation fees, which is completely your earned money. Our PTC script is carefully developed under the newest php, mysql and (X)html programming aspects and should be one of the securest Paid to Click web site scripts.

GeN4 is the best PTC script in the market. GeN4 is the next script in the GeN series and brings new functionality and security. With the most advanced features ever seen in a commercial paid to click script, as well as unmatched security and control, GeN4 is sure to set the industry standard. The script itself is the product of experience in the PTC/Bux market and aims to make your business trouble free and successful. As usual, GeN4 also comes with free support, access to special areas on our forums, and free script updates.
Paid To Click Script v5

Do you want to run your own paid to click website? Do you want to run your own profitable business? We have made it really easy with our advanced paid to click software. Running a paid to click site is easy. You sell adverts for the double the price you pay people to click on the adverts. Therefore, you make a profit every time someone clicks on the links, but the brilliance of the script is that 90% of members will never reach their minimum payout level required for you to pay them, so you keep all the profit!